Reflection No. 1

Sometimes it just hits me. I am sitting in the upstairs section of a Café in [Redacted], Morocco. In Africa. Everything is different, and yet so much is the same. I’m in a sorority sweatshirt that I’ve worn as I cried over a boy, as I wrote pages and pages on the geopolitical significance of … Continue reading Reflection No. 1


I’m sitting in the front seat of a car, the driver rapidly shifting up and down as we traverse the little hill in the center of my town. Left around a group of students gossiping on a corner, their school coats flapping in the wind. Left again down the hill towards the old souk, remnants … Continue reading Music

Do It Live

There’s a very famous video on the internet of a certain infamous news anchor losing his mind a little. Things have gone awry right before it’s time for him to go on air, and he has a temper tantrum that culminates with him yelling at full tilt “F*** it, we’ll DO IT LIVE,” his papers … Continue reading Do It Live

Here we go

August 9th, 2018 Today my university email address ceased to exist — it’s the little things like this, and my computer notifying me in five-minute increments that there’s a problem with my Princeton login (that it’s gone. That’s the problem. Knock it off Apple), that makes the transition to real life really hit home. I … Continue reading Here we go